Gustavo Quinteros: Colo Colo will always be the priority

The technician of Colo Colo, Gustavo Quinteros, referred to the option of continuing in the white box and stated that it will always be a priority to continue in Macul, however, he explained that Everything will depend on the sports project presented to him by the leadership.

“If the goal is met, my contract is valid. Colo Colo will always be the priority, but where are we going? When I arrived I had clear objectives and we have been able to achieve them, and we are about to complete it because having kept a great in the First Division, winning the Cup, the Super Cup and possibly the National Championship, is a wonderful cycle, but if we continue together, it will be fulfilling a sports project in common agreement”, said Quinteros at a press conference.

In fact, the Argentine-Bolivian DT said that “with Daniel (MorĂ³n) we are planning the season, we have a place for the pre-season, we are talking with players, there is a list of possible players.

Regarding the interest of Independiente de Avellaneda, Quinteros stated that “It is something that was made public. As a coach, I am proud that a big team is interested in me, as it was throughout the seasonbut my answer is always the same: I am focused on Colo Colo, on finishing this process that we started two years ago, and after finishing the season, one must analyze everything”

“The first thing after achieving the goal is to meet with the leaders of Colo Colo, analyze the sports project, and then I will analyze if there are offers, if there are options. But I already said it, I’m focused on Colo Colo, and on being a champion,” he added before explaining what reasons could lead him to leave the white team.

“I am in a large institution, in a beautiful city, in a beautiful country. The difference is made by sports projects. We all want to go one step further, today I am well and happy, waiting for the season to end to meet with the leadership and hopefully coincide with the sports project to continue towards a third season or analyze options, if any… We will see later. Today I only think about Sunday’s game that can give me, the players, enormous joy , to the leaders”, he added.

Quinteros also had words for the impossibility of playing without a visiting public against Coquimbo, which adds to the fact that they will not be able to receive the cup on the field if they achieve the result that the white team needs to be champion.

“There are many things to improve in football. We had to play many games without an audience… Today we have to play without an away public, so that’s bad. If we want to have better football, to have family, we have to restructure everything, from security to accepting visiting fans. Today we travel with a huge illusion, and thinking that if we get a good result, we can not receive any prize, or turn around, it is horrible. It’s not ideal, it’s not fair,” he said.