Gustavo Lorenzetti | He is a reference to the U and does not rule out retirement: “I feel bitter; It was a difficult year in every way”

Gustavo Lorenzetti (37) takes a break from his vacation and agrees to talk to AS. From Rosario, Argentina, the midfielder addresses the end of his cycle at Deportes Iquique and gives clues about his future. Retirement is among his alternatives, but it also opens up the possibility of continuing to play. “What I have to go through will happen”says the former University of Chile, who this year played 22 duels with the northerners.

– What feeling do you have after leaving Deportes Iquique?

– The feeling I have is of bitterness, because the squad that was formed gave for more. We started quite well, but we couldn’t sustain it. I think the change in coach didn’t benefit us too much, it was a bit rushed, and after that the team never found its way. It’s true that we deserved more points at home, but we didn’t play well on the road. We add very little and that weighs on the table.

– After your last home game with the club, against San Felipe, you were very affected. He was even on the verge of tears. What was behind that emotion?

– It was a difficult year in every way. Personally and in football… And a lot of things came together that I released after the game, where I also think there was a chance of relegation. It also happened that my parents were at the stadium, that they hadn’t been there for a long time. They were able to travel and there were a lot of factors to see me this excited.

– Why do you say you suffered personally?

– Things happened that did not make me feel comfortable. I prefer not to say them now, but it was a difficult year for the whole group.

“It was a difficult year… Things happened that didn’t make me feel comfortable.”

Lorenzetti analyzes his 2022

– How mentally complicated is a soccer player when his club fights in the lower part?

– The pressures are different when one fights for a title and fights not to be relegated. Both have happened to me, because at U de Conce I had to be the Copa Chile champion, I had to play in a league final and I had to play in a league for not being relegated. I knew what that feeling was and it’s not pleasant at all. These are situations that require a lot of personality and courage, and luckily we were able to pull it off.

– You also had to descend with Iquique, in the 2020 championship…

– Yes, but it was different, because it was by the weighted table. That team that was relegated played very well and we had some complications with the VAR in several games and we felt harmed. At that time we were fighting a big man.

– Of course. With Colo Colo…

– Yes. And well… I think they hurt us a bit in some failures. That team left a very good image and people recognized it at the stadium in the midst of a pandemic, but these are situations that help you grow as a professional.

“We feel harmed by the VAR.”

Lorenzetti, about the 2020 tournament


Lorenzetti in an Iquique-Colo Colo of the 2020 championship (Credit: Photosport).

– A few weeks ago, you said that you were not ruling out the idea of ​​retiring. What have you thought these days on this topic?

– I’m more or less similar. If any proposal arrives, I will analyze it and especially if it is the request of a coach. In this case, a technician who motivates me and who wants to count on me is paramount. Then everything else can be fixed. If that proposal arrives, it will be analyzed and we will see if we take it or if we hang up the booties.

– And has something arrived?

– No. I also understand that this is going to be a little slower, since the theme of the World Cup also influences. In the case of B, the exact start date is not yet known. It was supposed to be done in January, but it looks like it will be the second week of February, so there is time. I take it very calmly and naturally.

– What does your family say about it?

– In that case, if I don’t ask for an opinion, they don’t get too involved. I do know that in the decision that I make, they will accompany me as they always have.

– I imagine that now, after a hard season, you have been able to take advantage of your family. What scenarios have they had?

– The truth is that the trip from Iquique to Rosario was a bit complicated. We missed a connecting flight through the canil del perro, so we went to Santiago one night. The trip took forever. Imagine with three children, a dog and nine suitcases… (laughs). When we arrived in Argentina I was able to meet my two nephews, who were born a few months ago, so I am spending time with the family and I was also able to watch the Argentina games with friends. The reunions are very nice.

– What do you want to do after football? Would you like to be a coach or are you projecting yourself in another area?

– I don’t see the subject of the coach. I don’t think he goes that way, because it’s worse than the player’s life. Today a coach cannot plan too much, since the football project is very difficult. You lose three or four games and you have to go. Imagine moving the family, seeing school for the children and you lose the first games… I don’t see it as feasible on that side. Yes, I like it, but it is time to prioritize the family a little more. And well, there is the issue of being scouting. I really like watching football, especially young players, and I think it will go that way when I decide to retire.