Gustavo Canales: “Hopefully one day I can direct the U; I want to arrive on my own merit”

Gustavo Canales’ career in football adds a new chapter: “I’m young for a coach and old for a footballer,” he says with a laugh. “I turned the page and now I want to get prestige as a manager. This has me excited, ”says the former attacker, who has been on the bench for Unión Española for three weeks. The technician spoke with AS in the middle of the field painting organized by adidas in La Cisterna.

“I have felt very good, we are evolving with training. The squad is taking the game model that one proclaims, so that’s where we are. It is not easy because we are against the clock, but we want to build a competitive team that understands the football culture of the institution”, he analyzes.

Under the leadership of Canales, Unión Española eliminated Antofagasta and qualified for the semifinals of Copa Chile: “We did the necessary merits to be there and now we want to go for the jackpot,” he said.

– When did you decide to be a coach?

– At the end of my career I leaned towards this profession so as not to lose the adrenaline of professional football. You are a competitive animal and you needed that feeling of having to win every weekend. The only way he was going to get her back was by being a coach. I prepared myself, trained myself and studied. This is infinite and I am adding knowledge day by day. Hopefully every day I am a better coach.

– Did you tour? as several coaches have done…

– I traveled and looked at some things. I don’t like the idea of ​​copying, but I’ve seen a few trainer microcycles that I follow along with. I believe that I am going to take advantage of the learning in a greater way now with a professional staff.

– Which coaches do you talk to?

– I speak with good coaches, like Jorge Sampaoli. I didn’t go to see him, but we have a very good relationship. I am also lucky to meet Marcelo Gallardo because he was my partner. When he came to play the Copa Libertadores (against Colo Colo) we were talking and I have yet to visit him in Buenos Aires.

– What did Jorge Sampaoli tell you?

– We speak sporadically with Sampaoli and he knows that I leaned towards this race. He congratulated me. I am looking to continue empowering myself so that when he faces great challenges, like now, he can do well with the information I have gathered from coaches like him.

– Are you happy in Unión Española?

– Unión is my home and I always felt comfortable. I started with the Sub 21 and it nurtured me a lot. It is the place where I want to be. I hope to leave a legacy and then emigrate and continue to evolve.

– Where would you like to go next?

– I hope I can go through the U, it’s a goal I have. But I’m not going to force that situation, it will happen over time. I want to arrive on my own merit, so that’s what we’re working on so that later they come looking for me. Now there is a long way to go and first I want to leave the legacy here. I have that obligation.

– It could touch him with the U in the semifinals. Would it be special?

– I feel the affection of the people of the U every day. I am clear that, if we play against them, we will want to beat them. And they to us. But the love will not change. I have a special affinity with those people, that’s not going to be up for discussion.