Gustavo Alfaro claimed the Byron Castillo case: I demand clarification, we did everything right

The coach of the Ecuadorian team, Gustavo Alfaro, he confessed hurt at having to leave out the Qatar World Cup 2022 to the player Byron Castillo after the ruling of the TAS in the middle of the claim of the Chilean Federation, and demanded a clarification.

“We are hurt. As we said, we are all Byron. I am very respectful of the decisions, because it corresponds, in the same way that as I told the president -of the Ecuadorian Federation, Francisco Egas-, I am a soccer coach,” he said in words collected by international media.

“I speak from my place, what I can do is that. My intention was for Byron to be with usI wanted it and the squad wanted it, but they are decisions that one respects,” he said.

Then, he questioned the TAS ruling, considering that according to his criteria “there is an ambiguity, -because- the player was eligible… the World Cup does not start on Sunday, it started when we played in Argentina, if the player was eligible for the World Cup, he was eligible for the final and more than anything because there were two court rulings, not one, that said Byron’s document was valid.”

“So I don’t need clarification, I demand clarificationbecause we did everything right, so before what the TAS expressed is the fear of reprisals and there we are hurt because we know it is unfair,” he completed.

Alfaro and Ecuador will debut in the World Cup on Sunday against the hosts.