Guns N’ Roses Unlimited Life

Five years after his last visit to our country, Guns N’ Roses, once described as “the most dangerous group on the planet”, are preparing for a reunion with the Creole fandom. An event with sold-out tickets that is scheduled for October 5 at the National Stadium, the same venue that hosted them in their hectic debut 30 years ago.

Despite his 37-year career with various comings and goings, the immense turnout that his recitals reach throughout the planet reveal his place in popular culture.

For Rainier Guerrero, director of Radio Futuro, the greatest merit falls on his songbook. “albums like the Appetite for destruction and the Use your illusion I and II are masterpieces that understood very well how to make rock music that wasn’t so strident and that encompassed the masses. Guns was at that moment on that fine line between rock, heavy and pop. It seems to me that there is something interesting in them that they knew how to capture very well. That morphed into songs that are iconic and that obviously endure. Y when the songs last in time, the bands don’t disappear”.

In that sense, Guerrero highlights that despite the line-up changes and their comings and goings, the group “has always been present for their songs,” he adds.

Alfredo Lewin, host of Radio Sonar, also highlights the relevance of his songs. “In those three albums, where there are more than 30 songs, there are 15 that are absolutely paradigms of rock and of the time when the industry inflated the bands to say that with Guns N’ Roses, we were facing the new Rolling Stones, something that suddenly it could be.

In the memory of that and how that catalog ages very much in the manner of the Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses finds itself 30 years later filling the same stadiums that they filled in 1992. that’s the most cool of everything, and you don’t necessarily have to confuse that with the idea that rock carries it, because it’s not like that”, he adds.

A songbook that has crossed generations. “Guns N’ Roses and its songs take it to a nostalgic audience, where those parents knew how to pass on to their children the music and sound of the most basic rock and roll, which was what Guns N’ Roses was doing in the late 80’s.. A phenomenon that the radio man also detects in bands like Metallica, Kiss and Iron Maiden.

The music critic Third, Marcelo Contreras, also highlights the weight of the retro in our days. “Why are they still capable of filling stadiums and summoning massive audiences? Because there is an industry dedicated to nostalgia. In other words, it doesn’t just have to do with an extraordinary record like it was Appetite for Destruction. But beyond that it has to do with the fact that there is an industry that is dedicated to nostalgia. The public has a nostalgic gene at this point, within what is pop culture. So I think that’s where the answer to that goes as well.”

And there is another factor that crosses rock identity. “Guns N’ Roses represents, probably, one of the last death rattles of rock as a symbol of dangerousness, rebellion, defiance, misconduct. All those kinds of characteristics that were part of rock culture for a long time”, adds Contreras.

Raniero Guerrero also highlights the rebellious identity that the band had during its golden age. “I think that the Guns are the exaggeration and exacerbation of the Rolling Stones in the 70s, and that the Rolling Stones were quite raised, they did everything. Guns is like the most wayward son yet. And in that lineage of sex, drugs and rock and roll it seems to me that they have been main actors. Here is a very important milestone. That of being a dangerous band he knew how to sell and he knew how to capture and interpret it to this day”.

For Lewin, part of his legacy is related to his constant appointments to other great bands and artists, which he defines as “a great favor” to his generation. “Guns N’ Roses always took pains to show us the catalog of the bands that influenced them. Thanks to Guns N’ Roses we met Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Misfits, Nazareth”.

He was always very aware that they were a reference and a tribute to other bands. And they, live, are a band that, extraordinarily, unlike all the others, play a lot of covers, because they feel part of a rock continuum -adds-. I think there are few bands and musicians as musically literate as Axl Rose. He’s a guy who can refer to Elton John and Paul McCartney as fluently as he can refer to bands like Hanoi Rocks and punk rock bands. This band knows that they didn’t invent anything, they just synthesized a lot of things and did it in a very particular way”.

However, he adds that the romance with the public may not be eternal: “They are filling stadiums today and have done so for the last five years. But they’re not going to do it in 10 more years if they don’t come up with something new. They cannot continue to live with a catalog that only ages. In other words, I can assure you that in the year 2032 Guns N Roses will not be filling stadiums with the same showbecause basically they are doing the same show forever, 30 years ago.