Guardian Tales is now free on Nintendo Switch

Guardian Tales is now free on Nintendo Switch. Kong Studios mobile game Guardian Tales is now free on Nintendo Switch, after being available on iOS and Android devices.

Free Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is now free on Nintendo Switch. The game’s retro style will give Nintendo fans a sense of nostalgia for old-school games like Zelda’s A Link to the Past. Players, known as Guardians, will start the game as recruits on the day their kingdom is attacked. It will be up to them to become a legend and save the kingdom from powerful enemies.

Guardian Tales It will be a completely new experience for those who have not played the mobile version before. In the Nintendo Switch version, fans can enjoy the game on a larger screen, allowing them to get more immersed in the game.

Adding the use of JoyCon allows for more accessible and detailed gameplay. The controller customization feature will also allow gamers to map the operation button to their style conveniently. Also, unlike the mobile version, Guardians from all over the world can gather and compete in a PvP environment on a single server.

Launch rewards will continue to be available to all Switch users who log into Guardian Tales during the month of October.


It has plenty of characters for Guardians to meet along the way. Certain characters will even join the Guardians on their journey to save the Kingdom. With the power of friendship, these characters will act as teammates helping in battle with fierce offense or providing support.

Players can obtain over 90 characters in Guardian Tales through story progression or by unlocking them in the in-game store.


Single player story mode: This is the signature mode of Guardian Tales. The guardians must solve different puzzles to uncover secrets in this immersive story of good versus evil. Players will also fight monsters to complete quests in this fantasy adventure that also has a comedic focus.

guilds– Players can join a guild with others after progressing through part of the story. There are different events that guild members can participate in, such as Raids to Rank, Meteorite Dig for Items, and Guild Conquests, where players fight to earn as many rewards as possible.

Customizable floating castle (Heavenhold): Build your base of operations in Heavenhold. Players can enjoy different foods and entertainment unlocked throughout their gameplay.
Collection of heroes and weapons: It is dangerous to go alone! Collect and choose from over 100 different weapons, each with their own unique abilities.

Puzzle solving game: Lift heavy rocks, drop explosive bombs and jump over obstacles to discover hidden paths to incredible treasures!

PvP and intense rankings: Assemble and synergize your best party of three heroes to take on others in real time in combat for glory!


Guardian Tales gathered over a million pre-registered users before its global launch in 2020. Also, it ranked #3 in revenue and #1 in free downloads, a very promising indicator in the Chinese market when it launched there.

The game recently rose to number 3 in sales on the Apple App Store after the “World 10 Chapter” update last January.