GTA Saga Characters Look More Realistic With These Remasters


The GTA franchise, owned by Take-Two and Rockstar Games, has been one of the most successful in the industry, where GTA V has reached its peak, however, its previous games are fondly and nostalgically remembered by fans and An artist wanted to give a new look to his protagonists.

The artist named Hossein Diba wanted to give a new perspective to the protagonists of the classic Grand Theft Auto games, making use of 3D modeling, although sometimes this technique takes us to the strange valley, a concept in photorealistic design that separates absolute realism from caricature, this time the GTA characters seem to be very much alive and don’t suffer from this problem.

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As we can see in the video above, the characters who have received this “remastering” as Hossein Diba calls it have been Claude (Grand Theft Auto III), Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto Auto: San Andreas) and Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV).

For obvious reasons, each character is not 100% faithful to its original version, since the design seeks to make them look as realistic as possible, without losing their basic essence and creating more recognizable bone structures, we can also appreciate the amount of detail that these have. works, such as his wrinkles and beard.

This is a very meticulous job and if you are left wanting more, we invite you to review Hossein Diba’s ArtStation where in addition to seeing other creations of the artist, we can see with even greater detail all the protagonists of GTA.