Griezmann case: Simeone admits that the Frenchman is not a starter due to a million-dollar purchase clause in his contract that binds him to Barcelona

The question that everyone was asking in Madrid was why Antoine Griezmann only entered the field as a shock, being that he is one of the best players of Atletico de Madrid in this league start. Today, that was answered by Diego Simeone, who confirmed that the Frenchman is not a starter due to a contractual issue.

It all goes back to the beginning of last season, when after a bittersweet spell at Barcelona, ​​the Frenchman returned to Atlético de Madrid, but on loan. In the contract, yes, there was a special clause, which stipulated that if Griezmann played 45 minutes or more in half of the games in which he is available, the colchoneros would have to pay 40 million dollars to the culé club and they would automatically keep the property of the player who was world champion in Russia.

An agreement that today they are not willing to fulfill in the Spanish capital. The club’s board wants to keep the player for the long term, but not under those conditions.. The price is high and the rojiblancos know that at the end of the season they can get a much better deal and still have the services of the former Real Sociedad.

That was even clarified by Diego Simeone, who after weeks of commotion with the subject, addressed the Frenchman’s situation in the team. When asked why Griezmann was not playing as a starter, the Argentine was direct: “You know me for 10 years. I am a club man and I always will be”, he commented.

A concise phrase, but that leaves no room for doubt. Simeone does not regularly occupy one of his favorite players at the suggestion of the board. A position that compromises Barcelona and its intentions to receive a large amount of money for a player they do not have in the short or long term.

But in any case, the situation continues to be favorable for Lionel Messi’s former team. This, since the Frenchman’s loan began last season, a course in which he had a great participation and where the striker played a minimum of 45 minutes in 81% of the commitments.

That, and a particularly tight schedule for the World Cup, suggests that The Little Prince will still add the necessary minutes to make the purchase clause effective. At the moment in the three league games he entered at minute 60being key and converting two goals, which is why it is already a regular request by the fans when things are not going well.

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