“Grateful for the opportunity”: Hugo Valencia celebrated after joining the morning cable show

The journalist Hugo Valencia surprised his followers after announcing on his social networks a special and important step in his career.

Through his Instagram account, the Zona de Estrellas panelist revealed that from this Thursday he will be part of the morning Flavors of the cable channel, Zona Latina.

“Very happy to join the @sabores_zl morning family at @zonalatina, grateful for the opportunity and eager to bring you data, joy and entertainment from 10:00 a.m. … and at night, we laugh and laugh with my beloved panel of Star Zone”, he said receiving messages of congratulations.

“I want to invite you to connect with Zona Latina at 10 in the morning because I’m going to be there accompanying my dear friends from Sabores, the morning… So see you today and tomorrow and the next few days,” he said in his stories surprised by the news.

And Faloon Larraguibel?

The journalist shared records of his first day on the program, however doubts generated his presence on the web since the program It was animated by the former red María Jimena Pereyra, who left the show to be part of the Textual Game on Channel 13and the former Yingo girl, Faloon Larraguibel, who raised doubts about her permanence in the morning show after users wrote to Valencia about her continuity in the morning show.

Check out the message below: