Gotham Knights has specialized media divided with their different ratings

We all knew that the month of October was going to be one of the strongest months in terms of releases this year 2022, on the one hand, bombings have arrived such as Person 5 Royal, A Plague Tale Requiem, Prodeus, Metal Hellsingerwithout forgetting other titles such as airohert, No More Heroes 3, Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Although this is not over, there are renowned releases yet to come and, today, is the date to receive a game that has unleashed countless comments, positive and negative, from the house of DC and that surely needs no introduction, we are talking about Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights has critics divided

Critics specialized in the world of entertainment have issued their first analyzes in which we can collect different ratings, perhaps factors such as the controversy over 30 fps and the fact that being a game that reaches the new generation, don’t feel like one. Let’s briefly review the first qualifications, among which we can include our own analysis, from which you can judge for yourself in this link:

  • Xbox Generation rated 78/100
  • Pure Xbox rated 8/10
  • VGC rated 4/5
  • Game Informer rated 7.25/10
  • Push Square rated 7/10
  • IGN rated 5/10
  • GameSpot rated 8/10

The most important thing in a game is that it offers us what we are looking for, that is, an experience and immersion, thanks to a good story, an attractive gameplay or charismatic characters, everything seems to indicate that Gotham Knightshas a mixture of the above, so some notes differ from each other, in the end the player is the one who really has the last word.