“Go take care of your husbands”: Machista comment unleashed a fierce car stop in the middle of the TVN program

They didn’t let it go. The panelists of the program Today we talkfrom TVN, took the time to respond to an ugly and macho comment that was sent to them from Twitter.

“Women, go home to take care of your husbands,” wrote a Twitter user during the broadcast of the program yesterday, a message that was put on the table by the panelist María Elena Dressel.

“I want to say one thing. That ‘we’re going to take care of our husbands’… The four of us work, we are independent”, the journalist launched in the first minutes of the program. Immediately, Margot Kahl asked him “where did that come from?”

“From Twitter. It makes me angry, “replied the host, noting that, moreover, it was a woman who wrote the message.

“We are in the right place”

“We are professionals, just like everyone else. No man is sent home to take care of his wives, ”Margot Kahl said in this regard, supporting the claim of her partner, along with the other two panelists, Yamila Reyna and María José Castro.

For her part, Dressel added: “I am independent, we work, we are entrepreneurs, I think we are in the right place to talk about the issues we talk about at this table every day,” the communicator closed.

Maria Elena Dressel