Gissella Gallardo sued Sergio Rojas for libel and slander: court declared her admissible

Impact! After a delicate accusation made by Sergio Rojas in the program I late primeGissella Gallardo took legal action against the journalist and filed a complaint for serious libel and slander.

The place glamorama revealed that the complaint was admitted by the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago and that both parties have a hearing on December 14 to try to reach an agreement before trial.

The document to which the portal had access detailed that everything has its origin in an episode of I late prime which aired on September 27, where Rojas stated that Gallardo scratched the car of his ex-partner Mauricio Pinilla in the midst of the controversies that the former soccer player starred in.

“In effect, the statements of the defendant issued publicly in the aforementioned program, it is clearly deduced that he accuses my client of false crimes, that is, he is subjectively attributed conduct that is criminally devalued,” they detailed in the complaint.

The document also states that “she is credited with the crime of damaging her ex-husband’s vehicle and causing him injuries. The foregoing is totally and utterly false.”

“He has been angry”

The judicial action also affirms that Gissella is living “a tortuous reality (…) as she is the victim of a constant attack by the defendant (Sergio Rojas), who for some time has referred to her exposing her publicly and repeatedly, emphasizing only negative aspects of her life, such as her lack of dignity and integrity as a woman and mother.”

“The defendant Sergio Rojas has been merciless and has been in charge of reproducing his false accusations and statements in all possible media, in order to highlight the negative aspects of my client in her role as wife, mother and woman,” the text continues.

With respect to what the complainant requests, the document indicates that “regarding the crime of slander provided for and punished in article 413 no. three years) and a fine of eleven to twenty monthly tax units.”

“And with regard to the crime of insults provided for and sanctioned in article 416 and following of the penal code, the penalty of minor imprisonment in its medium to maximum degree (three-year sentence… Or a five-year sentence) and a fine of eleven to twenty monthly tax units”, he adds.