Gissella Gallardo reacted to what Natthy Chilena said about Pinilla: she threw a stick at her ex

During the last weeks, Mauricio Pinilla was in the eye of the hurricane. This, after being involved in a series of videos that leaked together with the escort Natthy Chilena.

In fact, this week the woman raised her voice again and recounted new details of her meetings with the former University of Chile player. She even revealed that Naya Fácil was also with the commentator.

After cardboard, he launched a serious accusation against him.

“Why does he give the girls drugs? He says that things are not uploaded with their consent and it was with their consent, moreover drugged and drugs the girls, the drug addicted super sportsman, I don’t know what that guy is trying to do”, he said in an Instagram live.

In addition, he ironized that “things from other girls will continue to leak, they will have to sue, sue, sue”

And now, who reacted through social networks was Pinilla’s ex-wife, Gissella Gallardo, who could not stand it and sent a message to Natthy.

“As many of you know, we are not having a good time as a family. For the same reason, I want to publicly ask Natty to stop talking about the father of my children, ”she wrote immediately in the Instagram stories.

And along the same lines, he added: “I ask for their peace of mind, and every day they receive the videos and comments that she makes and obviously they have a very bad time with that.”

“I raise my voice, since the person involved has not done so so far. With this, I am not defending or justifying it. Each one is responsible for his actions. I only ask for respect and empathy for my children, ”she closed.

The discharge of Gissella Gallardo