Gigabyte records a GPU failure rate of 5%

The data on the failure rate of gigabytes they come from a Filipino retailer (Hardware Sugar), which has decided to post the number of returns in its early years.

Retailer reveals 5% failure rate for Gigabyte GPUs, plus other data

The data that was shared shows the rate of returns of graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, AIO coolers, RAM sticks and storage drives.

Note that the retailer does not carry hardware from all brands, in fact, has only sold graphics cards from Gigabyte and MSI, for example. However, the difference in the failure/return rate in the field of graphics cards reaches 5% with the GPUs gigabytes, while MSI is only 1.5%. How many units are we talking about? Well, in the case of Gigabyte we see a total of 7 units of the 141 units sold in total, while MSI only returned 2 units of 129 sold.

In other areas, for example, Cooler Master power supplies failed the mostor we can also see that NZXT AIO coolers caused the most problems with a 4% failure rate, while Corsair or DeepCool products had no failures.


Motherboards saw a 2.4% failure rate for MSI and 1.8% for Gigabyte motherboards. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many of the failed drives belong to Intel or AMD. We can also see that the SSD storage only had failures in the TeamGroup variants, while the Samsung drives had no recorded failures.

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Naturally, the sample can’t be purchased with the sales volume that Amazon, Newegg, or Best Buy can have, but they never share this kind of information, so these samples can be useful.

Hopefully we can get more information from other retailers, which would go a long way in figuring out which hardware manufacturers are more trustworthy. We will keep you informed.