Ghost Song now available on Xbox Game Pass, a title with a note of 88 on Metacritic

If something cannot be blamed on Microsoft and the Xbox division, it is that they have neglected their subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, because practically every two weeks we have news with entries and exits that leave no one indifferent.

A few days ago, Phil Spencer’s announced the first wave of games that will be incorporated into the Xbox Game Pass catalog this November and, within them, is Ghost Songa game that garnered very good reviews after passing through PC/Steam.

Ghost Song on Xbox Game Pass (Cloud, PC and Console)

Although for the console player it may have gone unnoticed, Ghost Song is a title that was able to obtain a note of 88 on the scoring platform metacritic. The title, developed by Old Moon and published by Humble Games, is a self-described “atmospheric 2D adventure” with Metroidvania and RPG elements.

Ghost Song’s adventure on Xbox Game Pass is full of self-discovery, ancient mysteries and cosmic terror. We’ll explore winding caverns lit only by bioluminescent flora, battle creatures as strange as they are powerful, and gain new abilities that will help us unlock the buried secrets of this alien world.

We don’t know how long Ghost Song will be available on Xbox GamePassso from SomosXbox we encourage you to give it a chance as soon as possible, because it is a real luxury to have received it in the catalog.