“Gary kicked his partner”: Gary Medel’s fight in Italy

Gary Medel’s strong temperament was reflected again in Italy. A week ago there was a meeting with the Bologna fans. Now it was a tense moment in team practice that pitted him against a teammate.

Corriere dello Sport reports that Thursday’s practice the ‘Pitbull’ had a clash with the Croatian Nikola Moro, which ended with kicks. A play in the middle of soccer practice that escalated to surprise the fans who were watching the 11 vs 11 game from a stand

“Gary stopped and kicked his fellow Croatian opponent during yesterday morning’s session. Nothing violent, more of an irritated reaction.” specified the Italian newspaper on the moment, and adding that the Croatian tried to apologize quickly with the Red defender.

“Moro, immediately understanding the situation, approached Medel as a sign of peace, but the heated Pitbull did not accept the clarification and with some other colleague by his side, he walked away,” deepened the publication on this image.

The duel did end there, in practice, and at the end of the day Medel was seen conversing on good terms with coach Thiago Motta. “They talked a bit, hugged each other and went back to the locker room,” added Corriere dello Sport.