Gareca: “I’m interested in working in Chile because of the tranquility and seriousness”

Coach Ricardo Garecawho very recently decided not to continue in the Peruvian team, spoke about his future on the bench and did not rule out directing in Chile.

“I am open to all possibilities. I’ve taken enough time and depending on what comes out, I’ll get to work. My friend Falcioni (Julio César) spoke to me very well about Chile, because of its tranquility and seriousness. That interests me”said Gareca, in conversation with DirecTV Chile.

The Argentine DT clarified that “At the Selection level I never had a project from Chile. While I was in Peru, I tried to always focus on them. I once had a rapprochement with an important club in Chile ( la R: la U in 2014). I’m interested in Chile to work at some point.”

About his work in Peru, where he qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and was in the Qatar 2022 playoffs, Gareca said that “I was not going to make a generational change in Peru. Big figures that one thinks their time is up must be plugged back in and aligned. The idea is that youth and experience coexist. You don’t have to discard any player”.

“You don’t need a different biotype to succeed. Our teams are highly influenced by Europe, we have very different traits from the European. We have to rethink what is best for South America”analyzed the strategist.

In addition, he recalled the semifinal match against La Roja, in the 2019 Copa América played in Brazil. “That match against Chile was very good. We found a Chile with a lot of claws, at all times it caused us problems. We had a dose of luck. It was one of my best matches in charge of Peru”.