Gaming News Indie games and the return of Just Dance… Here’s this week’s selection of Nintendo Switch games!

Indie games and the return of Just Dance… This is the selection of games for Nintendo Switch this week!

As every week, we will find our traditional selection of games for nintendoswitch. From November 21 to 27, the hugely popular dance game from Ubisoft is back: Just Dance 2023, but not only! This console does not neglect the smallest independent games, for our greatest pleasure.

Let’s start our selection with the star game of the week. With new music, customization options, and even better 3D worlds, Just Dance 2023 is more festive than ever. Only hits will be danced, including recent songs like those of BTS, who will make an appearance, but also iconic music. The colors are as bright as ever and the melodies are as upbeat as ever to end the year in style.

  • Available November 21

Ship of Fools is a cooperative roguelike set in a marine environment. You play as the “Fools”, little beings fearless enough to face the dangers of the sea. Together with your companions, you will defend your ship from evil creatures that are trying to harm you. Fools have a variety of special abilities that can help you on your adventure. Fight dynamic sea battles against huge sea monsters and explore a beautiful but dangerous world.

  • Available November 22

Remorse: the list

In Remorse: The List, you have to make sense of the strange things that are happening in a Hungarian town. All you have to help you is a list that doesn’t make much sense and that you have to try to figure out. Remorse: The List is a horror game that places exploration at the center of the adventure. You will have the option to move forward in any order you want based on the items on your list. Please note, however, that this title is not yet available in French.

  • Available November 24

Freud’s Bones – The Game

If you are interested in psychoanalysis, Freud’s Bones – The Game might be for you. He will explore the unconscious of his patients to discover the causes of the disorders that make them suffer. You will help them improve, but be careful, because if you make the slightest mistake, you will only make them worse. Freud’s Bones – The Game also allows players to explore the life of the founder of psychoanalysis, from his isolation to his own torment. This title is not available in French at the moment.

  • Available November 24

Originally scheduled to be released in April 2022, Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses is finally out. It is a fantasy adventure game in which you will play two twins facing each other. One is calm and rational, the other is fearless and not afraid of pain. Despite their differences, the cooperation between these two characters will be the center of the story. to unravel the mysteries of your exploration. This is a classic adventure game in which the protagonists play a central role in the progression.

  • Available November 24

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