GameStop ordered to destroy copies of Overwatch 1 after the release of the sequel

The GOTY of 2016 is disappearing. According to employee information, GameStop is destroying copies of Overwatch1.

In the past week, Overwatch 1 passed away with the troubled launch of Overwatch 2. Now, the sequel presents us with a free to play model where players only spend on skins and cosmetic items. This makes us wonder, what will happen to physical copies of the first Overwatch? well, it seems that GameStop has the answer.

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With the release of Overwatch 2, all content from Overwatch 1 was gone except for player stats and cosmetic items, as well as some maps and game modes. Anyway, the disk from the first Overwatch is now an unnecessary item. This is a nostalgic item that will only be of interest to those collectors who want to have it on their shelf as an ornament.

Now, the problem here is the stores, which will have to deal with a lot of useless product that users will no longer search for. After all, why buy an album of a title that has already died?

GameStop, the largest store in the United States, is already solving the Overwatch 1 overstock problem. Through a short video on TikTok, a store employee announced that workers were ordered to destroy all discs from the original delivery. So far, it is not clear if the order will be followed in all branches or only in some.

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It should be noted that the message only refers to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Overwatch 1. Remember that the Switch copies are only boxes with codes inside.

Do you want to collect the box of the first Overwatch? Well this is your time to get it easy. Surely, after a while, these items will disappear.

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