Game News Top 10 Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022

The year 2022 has been rich in quality releases on Game Pass. Thanks to its partnerships, which include both independent developers and large publishers, Microsoft has provided some great titles to subscribers to its service. We review the games that joined Game Pass in 2022 and are still available in the catalog, in our year-end selection. download now

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Four hellish turtles in town! With Shredder’s Revenge, DotEmu delivers a love letter to the beat’em ups of the 16-bit generation. Inspired, among others, by Turtle in Time, it is based on a proven gameplay, as well as a very successful realization. Well animated, colourful, faithful to the universe of the vigilantes, the program multiplies the passages full of action that will please fans of the license. Classic yet dynamic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge affords the luxury of being playable with up to six players co-op. They are fantastic warriors, they take out their nunchucks, it’s panic!

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Story of a Plague: Requiem

After Flight Simulator, Asobo sends us to seventh heaven. The work done by the studio to improve everything that can be improved is remarkable. With richer gameplay that doesn’t break the original formula, A Plague Tale: Requiem impresses with gorgeous graphics, a great soundtrack, and story twists. This sequel never forgets the essentials of the genre to which it belongs. None of the flaws it finds can change our minds: A Plague Tale Requiem is one of the best games this year. In Amicia’s desperate fight for Hugo, the player takes a beating, but in the end it is to his delight.

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Two Point Campus

Have you ever wanted to run a school that was a bit special, where magic replaced history classes? Two Point Campus brilliantly revamps the management game genre thanks to a very efficient two-phase system that allows you to build your university without too much stress. Where Two Point Campus hits hard is in its excellent atmosphere, which is supported by pleasant graphics and numerous animations.. This SEGA software, crazy in its humor and rich in its customization elements, manages to avoid repetitiveness thanks to its multiple construction tools and its fun scenarios.

The 10 best Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022

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Immortality is one of the best surprises of this year. Directed by Sam Barlow (Her Story), the title puts us in the shoes of a researcher who has access to the reels of three feature films that have something in common: they were never released in theaters. These forgotten films, starring Marissa Marcel, hide terrible secrets that must be analyzed as we go from clip to clip. Mystical and captivating, this adventure involves complex characters that begin to be appreciated after just a few clicks in the many videos available. Because yes, it is enough to click on the many exposed elements to lift the veil on the scope of Immortality. A principle that easily adapts to all player profiles. We ask for more.

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Weird West

In its first game, the WolfEye studio offers an action RPG that is as exciting as it is fast-paced, which takes place in the confines of the American West, in a universe where cowboys coexist with zombies. Generous in its content and vast in its universe, Weird West offers a good feel for a coherent RPG side. It is inspired by the immersive simulation codes of Prey and Dishonored, the game is modeled based on the player’s actions. With its isometric camera and cel-shaded graphics, Weird West has a pleasing aesthetic. In short, if you have the game pass, you should give it a try.

The 10 best Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022The 10 best Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022

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Often compared to Zelda, TUNIC is a great puzzle adventure game designed for those who like to explore and discover many secrets. With a beautiful 3D isometric view, the game takes inspiration from the legends of the past to offer an extraordinary result. The ingenious idea is based on the paper manual directly integrated into the game, the pages of which are located in the universe. Thanks to it, the player has access to the world map, explanations about the mechanics and some hints on how to solve the puzzles. Tunic regularly surprises the player with items that are present from the start but whose usefulness is revealed hours later. Let’s not beat around the bush, although there is much more to Tunic: Andrew Shouldice’s game is a blast.

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Designed by the French Splashteam, Tinykin brilliantly revisits the Pikmin-like genre by adding platformer and puzzle game elements. Accompanied by the tiny skins he collected along the way, Milo has to collect the necessary items to build a machine that can take him back to his planet. Fortunately, the character can count on his companions with various abilities. Thanks to the 5 types of tinykins, the player will be able to solve different problems. Fun and generous, Tinykin will appeal to players young and old alike.. A must for Game Pass.

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Return to Monkey Island

Finally Monkey Island is back! Use items intended for fans without falling into low-level fanservice, Return to Monkey Island is a point’n click game designed for everyone.. In normal mode, the puzzles are suitable for a relatively new audience. The game has the good idea of ​​sparing us a plague of classic point’n click: the improbable combinations that have to be made in the inventory before finding the correct solution. Let’s face it, Return to Monkey Island is a refreshingly modern adventure, with a good balance of nostalgia and novelty. His art direction is also very easy on the eye.

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Persona 5 Royal

The players of Xbox They had been waiting for it for a long time, and it arrived in 2022 directly on Game Pass. Persona 5 Royal is one of the best J-RPGs of recent years. It offers narrative arcs that diversify an already rich setting, and has a fantastic setting. With this title, Atlus has what it takes to seduce players normally closed to the genre. We could spend a long time praising the merits of Persona 5 with its interesting characters, ingenious mechanics and gargantuan content, but the best thing is that you try it all for yourself by taking a look at the Game Pass catalog.

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To the east

In the world of video games, there are art directions and worlds that blow your mind without warning. This is what we feel with Eastward. This title from the Chinese studio Pixpil succeeds in almost everything it does in the 20 hours it takes to finish. With its interesting plot and dynamic combat, the game is based on the complementarity of two attractive heroes.. The hectic pace, the cleverly measured humor, the surprising ending and the excellent soundtrack make Eastward an adventure that you must discover urgently if you are a subscriber to the Microsoft service.

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