Game News This Action RPG Hits Gamescom With Some Very Special Features

This Action RPG is making waves at gamescom with some very special features

In the realm of third-person action RPGs, The Last Oricru has several things going for it. This trailer released at gamescom even reveals its release date.

A «medieval SF» action game.

If you fancy a medieval environment or a science fiction universe, this is your game, the last oricru is for you! This action RPG designed in Prague by GoldKnights and Prime Matter features a medieval sci-fi world in which the most advanced technology has been largely forgotten. Only a chosen few can continue to use what remains of the magical artifacts, such as the “last Oricru”, a being with mystical abilities.

Your choice counts!

In The Last Oricru, the entire adventure is designed to emphasize narrative. Every choice we make will affect the entire game and its storyto the point of influencing the fate of the entire nation. Therefore, it is important to remember that we can influence the outcome of a conflict that seems to involve different races of creatures through our decisions.

The decision tree leads to different outcomes that will affect the story, the characters, the end of the game, but also the environments and the flow of the game. Each action, sub-quest or death can affect your reputation with the different factions. There are several ways to play The Last Oricru: be friends with everyone or be enemies with everyone, with the consequences that this implies.

An individual and cooperative game

Another special feature of The Last Oricru is the your adventure, which can be played both solo and cooperatively locally or online. This will provide new ways to win boss battles or get to special secret areas.

On the occasion of gamescom, The creators of The Last Oricru invite us to discover a trailer that reveals the title’s release date set for October 13 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Viewable on autoplay, the video introduces us to its protagonist, Silver, a cynical and sarcastic man who opens his eyes after being cryogenically frozen for 350 years. The SF/medieval world he finds himself in is in the midst of a civil war, as various rival factions conspire to gain total control of the planet.

The Last Oricru will be released on October 13 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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