Game News The Sims 5: Just Announced, Already Hacked?

The Sims 5: Just Announced, Already Hacked?

The Sims 5 was announced as Project Rene a short time ago and it looks promising for all fans of the franchise. Playtests began last week in private… and hackers have already managed to crack the Electronic Arts game.


After years and years of waiting, The future of The Sims franchise was finally revealed with Project René, the next party of which, however, is only a provisional name. Personalization should reach new limits, This prototype uses the Unreal engine to create the cocoon of dreams with a true sense of detail. Specifically, the Unreal engine is used in this prototype.

Although it was said that the game would not be released for a long time, private playtests began last week so that the developers could collect the first feedback. The problem is that the hackers have already managed to sneak into the title’s code…

The Sims 5: Just Announced, Already Hacked?

Does the Sims 5 already have problems?

The Insider Gaming site, run by the famous Jeff Grubb, has just published its scoop, based on sources “who prefer to remain anonymous” for obvious reasons: The Sims 5 would have already been hacked. The current version of the game, still at a very early stage, would have been cracked with the possibility for hackers to generate specific items and freely access the software, without authorization.

The hackers were able to generate access tokens using a Denuvo game tester token (which allows them to access the game). These generated tokens allow anyone to access the game without any online access or approval from EA.

In addition to replicating access tokens, the hackers also demonstrated their way of playing on Peer 2 Peer servers without the need to contact EA’s servers.

In other words, the hackers were able to steal and access the current private version of the game and play freely without EA’s permission through the servers. Again, according to Insider Gaming sources, hacking is said to have been relatively “very easy” due to the lack of encryption and the version of Unreal Engine used.

However, when Insider Gaming asked their sources if the hackers planned to make the code generated through the hack public, they would simply not respond. In any case, the site claims, according to another source, that “Everyone Loves (The Sims 5) on Playtest Discord”

The Sims 5: Just Announced, Already Hacked? The Sims 5: Just Announced, Already Hacked?