Game News Resident Evil Village: Is the Gold Edition of Capcom’s Horror Game Already in Controversy?

resident Evil Village: The Gold Edition of the horror game from capcom is already in the controversy?

To the delight of fans of the horror saga, Resident Evil Village is about to come out in its definitive version, a Gold Edition that includes the new DLC entitled “Winters Extension”. But the game hasn’t even been released yet, and there may be a controversy brewing online over the physical version of the game.

a quick reminder

The Capcom studio did not fail to give a little reminder during its last showcase that took place last week, on the night of October 20-21. In fact, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition was on the event program and was illustrated bya new trailer plus the release of a 60-minute playable demo on your favorite platform. We take this opportunity to remind you that this definitive version of the eighth main episode of the Resident Evil saga incorporates the Winters Expansion, the last DLC, and that everything is expected to go on sale on October 28, that is, tomorrow. But on the eve of its release, the physical version of the game is already on everyone’s lips and could ignite a new controversy.

One code and you’re done.

To find out more, just take a look at the Twitter account of a certain Lance McDonald. This streamer is also a well-known dataminer for having unearthed some interesting items, especially around Nier Automata and Elden Ring. But none of that today and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition was the subject of a recent tweet on your account.

The physical edition of Resident Evil Gold Edition is a regular edition with a single-use DLC code in the box. Used copies will not work and the DLC will be tied to a single user account. This is disappointing, considering that the RE7 Gold DLC was on the disc.

That says everything. Unlike Resident Evil VII: Gold Edition, which could be passed by any player to enjoy all the content on the disc, this will not be the case for its sequel. This is bad news for the used market, but it’s still a good deal for gamers who don’t already have a physical version of the game in their collection.

Waiting for the first comments from the players on the subject, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition arrives tomorrow, Friday, October 28 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Please note that the “Winters Extension” DLC will also be available separately.

Resident Evil Village: is the Gold edition of Capcom's horror game already in controversy?Resident Evil Village: is the Gold edition of Capcom's horror game already in controversy?