Game News Resident Evil, Call of Duty… Steam Games of the Week You Can’t Miss!

The editors have put together a short list of games that will be released between October 24 and 30. A spaceship, a company to be built, a famous horror license, an action-RPG and a returning shooter… In other words, a great week ahead! Let’s go!

Let’s kick off our weekly selection with a spaceship design and management game. From A to Z, it is you who must create your ship, either in the form or in the arrangement of the pieces. Weapons are important, since you will have to fight to survive and continue exploring a galaxy full of dangers. Your ship cannot function without your crew, which you will also lead. Its effectiveness and autonomy will depend exclusively on you. A single or multiplayer space adventure with various PvP options.

In Victoria 3, you will shape a bright future by building a utopian society in a 19th century setting. YoThis is a simulation game in which you will manage the world’s nations, economy and technological research from 1836 to 1936. You will be a diplomat, building relationships or lobbying to convince your enemies. It is by finding a balance within your society where interests diverge that you will succeed.

If you like J-RPGs, this game published by Square Enix and developed by tri-Ace might be for you. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is part of the Star Ocean license and offers a great possibility of exploration in this new opus. Each character has special combat abilities that you can use to your advantage. You will be able to develop your characters’ relationships with each other, which will have a direct impact on your journey.

The famous Resident Evil license is very generous this October. First of all, Resident Evil Village – Winters’ Expansion is a DLC that will offer players various content. The first is the possibility of rediscovering the main story in the third person. You’ll also get new characters for the mercenary mode, including the towering lady Dimitrescu who will be playable. All of this includes Rose’s Shadows, the new story where you play as Ethan’s daughter 16 years later. On the same day, Resident Evil Re:Verse will be available to players who already own Resident Evil Village. You will play as famous characters from the license in ruthless deathmatches.

Let’s end our selection with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This popular FPS returns to plunge you into the heart of a global conflict. Although this is not the most popular aspect of the game,
the single player campaign seems worthwhile, with rewards for those who make it to the end.
The beta was a great success, showing the enthusiasm and desire of the players for this famous license.

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