Game News PS5, Xbox Series: Games at 30fps, intolerable? (Gotham Knights, A Plague Tale Requiem)

Although 4K at 60 frames per second has become almost a standard for the ninth generation of consoles, several games – A Plague Tale Requiem, for example – dodge this technical ideal to offer 30 fps. Is this decision not in line with current standards? This is our opinion.

There is no performance mode in Gotham Kings

With Gotham Knights, Batman is dead, and so is the hope of a 60fps game. Yes, it’s the new action-adventure software soap opera | open world with clique of superheroes: no performance mode on PS5 and xbox series, and therefore a 30fps adventure “only” on these machines. The news broke last week, and players on social media aren’t necessarily too happy. “The game is not good,” they said on Twitter, “it’s a bad game.” Others, again, spoke of “a pointless debate.”

Whichever side you’re on, the case is making noise. So much so that Fleur Marty, producer of Gotham Knights, justified her production choice. “Because of the characteristics of our game, like offering a co-op experience without limits in an ultra-detailed open world, we can’t just drop the resolution and have a frame rate gain.” So, as a reminder, the Warner Bros Montreal project will be able to host two players at the same time, and throughout the campaign. Recently, a special four-player mode was also announced.

PS5, Xbox Series, magic box at 4K / 60fps?

Since the arrival of the PS5 and the Xbox Series, console gamers have become fond of a comfort of use that was previously reserved – at least in the vast majority of cases – for the PC: 60 images per second! It’s quite simple, nowadays, the big new generation games offer almost all the famous “resolution and performance modes”, favoring image quality or framerate. In short, “4K | 60 fps” has quickly become a kind of registered trademark for the ninth generation of consoles, undoubtedly driven by the first modern cartridges from PlayStation and Microsoft, which are betting on this technical ideal (Demon’s Souls and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla).

So on one side are the two major players in the industry, who will no doubt do their best to keep a performance mode going in the future and keep players happy. On the other hand, there are third-party studios and publishers, who don’t always have the necessary resources to create a “60 frames per second” mode worthy of the name. Quoting Fleur Marty, developing a video game is not just a matter of pressing a button, lowering the image quality and hoping that everything works correctly. This type of process takes time to achieve the best possible rendering, without compromising the visual aspect, which is so important for the marketing of a video game.

PS5 series, Xbox: Games at 30 fps, intolerable?  (Gotham Knights, A Plague Tale Requiem)

30 frames per second, is he a bad doctor?

So yeah, 30fps titles don’t seem to be far behind. As proof of this, there is no performance mode on consoles for A Plague Tale Requiem, the latest baby of Asobo. Depending on the medium, it’s 40 fps maximum. However, we did not give it importance. Graphically the game is to die for and everything that was not put into the framerate is in the 3D models, textures or lighting. It’s very good like this.

In fact, the debate is especially polarized. In the networks, there are as many people who do not tolerate the absence of a mode of action, as others who do not care much. Most of the time, one side will be more present depending on the kind of game. Plague Tale is a cinematographic adventure, along the lines of The Last of UsWhen Gotham Knights offers fluid movement and combat in an open world. 60 fps would come in handy.

The Warner Bros. Montreal project was originally going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, before those platforms were scrapped. The goal of the study: “give players the best possible experience on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.” Something to smile about, in the absence of a mode of action? You judge. In any case, nothing stops Gotham Knights from being an excellent game, even at thirty frames per second. After all, we are used to it.