Game News Penguins, ocean and sports… 3 independent games for Nintendo Switch!

Let’s celebrate the beginning of the year in style with our weekly recap. This time it’s about games Nintendo Switch with a small selection created by us. On the menu this week is a ton of indie games with: penguins, an ocean adventure, and sports.

The Punchuin

Let’s start our small selection with a puzzle game. Set in an adorable environment full of polar bears and other animals from the frozen lands. The objective? Make your way to the top of the mountain and get as many rewards as you can. To get there, nothing could be easier, you can reach the top using your fists. Whether playing solo or against a friend, this title is extremely easy to pick up and is suitable for all types of players, especially beginners.

  • Available December 20.

Want to explore the vast expanse of water on a grand adventure? That is what Sail Forth offers, an independent game set in the waves of the ocean. Explore the myriad of islands and meet the many inhabitants you will encounter on your adventure. Build and upgrade your fleets of ships and weapons to face the various adversaries that populate this world. In Sail Forth there are boat races, fishing and side missions. The game does not have a French translation at the moment.

  • Available from December 21.

Let’s end our selection with one last indie pixel art game, the sequel to Golf Story. As its name suggests, Sports Story is about sports, but not only about them. It is an adventure RPG in which you can practice different sports such as soccer, golf, BMX, tennis, and even fishing.. When you’re not doing sporting activities, you can explore dungeons or head into the city and talk to the locals.

  • Available from December 23.