Game News F1 Manager 2022: It’s time to take your Formula 1 team to the top

As the real world of sport comes to an end and Formula 1 drivers resume racing on Sunday with the Belgian Grand Prix, the gaming world keeps pace with the launch of F1 Manager 2022 with a raucous new trailer.

Back to school in the paddock!

Back in March 2020, when the name F1 Manager 2022 wasn’t even mentioned in our columns, Developments at the bordersresponsible for games like Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous, signed a partnership with the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The aim of the British studio at the time? Develop a motorsports management game.
Two years later, last March, the project finally became a reality, F1 Manager 2022 officially announced and invites management simulation fans to run their own Formula 1 team.

For those who have pre-ordered the game, it is available in early access today, Thursday, August 25, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. For everyone else, they’ll have to wait at the starting gate until August 30, the official release date.

make every moment count

F1 Manager 2022: It's time to take your Formula 1 team to the top

F1 Manager 2022 puts players in charge of a Formula One team, in the role of a team manager, whose job it is to manage all the key aspects of leading their drivers to victory. For aspiring amateurs, an optional support system allows them to be guided through the first weekend of racing. Then it’s up to you to manage your team however you see fit, from training sessions to race days to car and driver development. All the strategy is yours, except for the vagaries of weather dynamics that may or may not change your plans along the way.

Between race weekends, fans will have to pilot the development of their cars, drivers, venue and staff to take their team to the top. The goal for them will be to cement their own legacy as one of the greatest of all time. Will they choose to balance resources to get the most out of the current season’s car or will they invest in the development of their next car? The choice is yours.

During practice, the drivers will familiarize themselves with the car and the circuit and provide vital information so that the engineering teams can optimize the set-up of the car for the qualifying session. On race day, managers will tailor their strategy using detailed real-time data. They will give instructions to their race engineers to share with drivers over the radio in response to race events such as safety cars and red flags. They will also have to watch the weather. The dynamic atmosphere of each session offers opportunities for those who read time correctly.

Source: Frontiers Developments press release

The set promises a immersion experience with ” on-track streaming cameras and a variety of viewing angles in each car «. But the last word has Andy Fletcher, lead designer, who has stated in a press release:

We are delighted to raise the garage doors and invite Formula 1 fans to step into the role of team manager, experiencing a hyper-realistic simulation at one of the ten F1 2022 teams. As passionate as we are, we are proud to what we’ve achieved by bringing this immersive experience to life with authentic cars, drivers and circuits, delivering a depth to every decision that we’re sure will spark debate among gamers. We can’t wait to see their stories unfold and how they lead their team to glory.

F1 Manager 2022: It's time to take your Formula 1 team to the top

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