Game News Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: The strangest mode is also the most successful!

It’s okay, the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available to everyone! All players can now discover their new maps, modes and even play in third person. Yes, the famous FPS is trying its hand at TPS. Something that doesn’t have to be here? We are not so sure…

Big news for Call of Duty 2022

Between the “Zombie” and “Infected” modes, Call of Duty has shown on more than one occasion that it is not short of ideas (and humor) to renew its multiplayer. But for Modern Warfare 2, a new opus due out on October 28, 2022, there’s something new that we didn’t really see coming. The famous FPS action program can now be played on the third personThird Person Viewer is a shoulder mounted camera for online gaming. Important note: this is not an option that can be turned on or off at will! TPS (Third Person Shooter) sessions are considered a standalone mode in Modern Warfare 2 and currently only support the Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Strategic Points rules. As the multiplayer is frequently updated, the third-person shooter is expected to move quickly to other fronts.

TPS mode in an FPS yes, but why?

The first question is why. Why, in 2022, is Infinity Ward (the studio behind Modern Warfare 2) testing TPS on a series that has always been known for its first-person perspective? Well, we already know the answer! Back in September, we spoke with Geoff Smith, lead multiplayer designer for the latest Call of Duty:

“As developers, we always want to test things (…) when you play in the third person, the experience tends to be more accessible. You have more situational awareness, if you’re in cover, you can see over the top… We’ve put a ton of work into that aspect, and it gives us an extra tool to revamp the experience after launch and keep it fresh.” – Geoff Smith, Multiplayer Design Director (Infinity Ward)

Sure, after twenty years of Call of Duty games every year, it’s hard to think of new innovations… If you’re wondering, Infinity Ward has no plans, at least not yet, to introduce games that mix TPS | FPS. “But it’s something we’ve been testing during production,” says Geoff Smith. “We tested it as a bonus that the player could equip, as aoptional option – we even tested battles with a first-person team against a third-person team.” So it’s safe to say that this GST mode isn’t going to be the last thing on the radar.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Deathmatch in TPS view (Gameplay, PS5)

Is it really such a strange idea?

For our part, we think this new take on Call of Duty action is one of the best surprises in Modern Warfare 2. Simply because – since the September beta – there has been a change: the camera no longer necessarily switches to first person. when aiming It all depends on how much zoom you have. If it’s not powerful enough, then the action remains in TPS; if it’s powerful enough, like in a sniper, then it’s switched to FPS. In the menus, there is also an option to make the second case systematic.

This may seem like a bit of a mouthful, but it’s actually a great way to lend legitimacy to a mode that needed it. And works! The sensations of this mode are as pleasant as those of the standard camera. Above all, in the words of Geoff Smith, our playground report changes drastically. The field of vision – so loved by Call of Duty fans – is de facto much larger, being able to see beyond obstacles and blind spots. This changes the very focus of combat, forcing you to play between the two axes of the shoulder cam (by pressing L3) to keep an eye on what’s happening in the distance. It is both familiar and different, as well as accessible. In short, it’s a good idea.