Game News After Monster Hunter Rise, another great Capcom game soon announced on Xbox Game Pass?

What if Capcom offered a new title on Xbox Game Pass? The Japanese publisher, one of the main players in the video game industry, has just seen how one of its most important productions joins the subscription service of Microsoft, with Monster Hunter Rise. Perhaps another Capcom title could also follow…

Just as anticipated as this month’s PlayStation Plus game announcements are Xbox Game Pass newcomers from Microsoft they always generate a lot of expectation among the players, and even more so when it comes to a great publisher. A) Yes, After the announcement of the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise to the famous subscription service, another game of Capcom they may be involved. The most surprising thing is that it is a still unpublished title, revealed last year and still without a release date, which is expected for 2023… and on various media, which would be a small event!

After Monster Hunter Rise, another great Capcom game to be announced soon on Xbox Game Pass?

Announced in a March 2022 State of Play, Exoprimal was playable at the Tokyo Game Show 6 months later.

No, players who are still hyped up by a certain Pragmata will continue to have no news of this mysterious title, which was revealed during the PlayStation 5 presentation in June 2020, and which is still missing in action apart from its postponement to 2023 announced at the end of 2021. However, we are talking about another game revealed in a State of Play, Just as futuristic but obviously much further along in terms of development, as we even got to get up close and personal with him during the latest Tokyo Game Show: we are talking about a certain Exoprimal. Far from being a console exclusive, whichever way you look at it, this title developed and published by Capcom is scheduled for 2023 on consoles and PC, and there hasn’t been much talk about it since the Japanese fair at the end of last summer.

An arrival at Xcloud in addition to consoles and PC?

That’s why it’s a little surprising that this futuristic TPS, a mix of exoskeleton and dinosaur (a clever mix!), was back in the news at the beginning of the year. Indeed, his official page on Xbox website contained a somewhat surprising mention, suggesting the availability of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, better known as “Xcloud”:

After Monster Hunter Rise, another great Capcom game to be announced soon on Xbox Game Pass?

What does this have to do with Xbox Game Pass? Well, so far it’s simple, a game has never been announced on Xcloud without first being announced on Game Pass, both services being linked anyway (A Game Pass Ultimate subscription is required to access Xcloud.) Thus, by announcing “Console + Cloud”, Microsoft is clearly implying that Exoprimal will be available in Game Pass, although it is not clear if it is an availability first day or arrive after several weeks (or months) of operation. However, the entry has since been removed, and we don’t know if this was a simple typo or if it was real information. Finally, continue…

Will Exoprimal be released on Xbox Game Pass? Surely we will know more when Capcom announces its future title, which is still expected this year, for PlayStation and Xbox (in cross-gen) and for PC.