Game News A Plague Tale Requiem picks up its good grades, so it’s good to rub your hands

A Plague Tale Requiem gets its good grades back, so it’s worth rubbing your hands

A Plague Tale Requiem was released just a few weeks ago and many reviews have been very favorable. For Asobo and Focus Entertainment, it deserved a final trailer, which can be found below.

Finally, an epidemic that feels good

After causing a surprise in 2019 with A Plague Tale Innocence, Asobo came back with a bang with A Plague Tale Requiem, a sequel that dared to think big. Longer, more spectacular, more beautiful and more charged, Amicia and Hugo’s ultra-dark adventure was obviously received with a standing ovation. And not only by us, where the title did receive an excellent rating, but by many other international media.

Happy with this critical success (and there are reasons to be), Focus Entertainment has just released a trailer dedicated entirely to these high scoreswhich you can find in our video player. It’s also a chance to quickly dive into the dark atmosphere of this violent ride, which is definitely more grown-up than the last.

plunge into hell

In A Plague Tale Requiem, the player takes on the role of Amicia, who is desperate to cure her little brother Hugo, who is suffering from a mysterious illness strangely related to the Black Death that ravaged France in the 14th century: will travel across the country and its borders to unravel the mysteries of this dark disease.

To support his words, the developers of Bordeaux present with this new game a darker, rawer and certainly more mature atmosphere. Amicia, meanwhile, has evolved from the first game and gained some new abilities, including a crossbow that will allow her to take on more muscular forces; The level design is also more forgiving.

Add top-class plastic to this and you get one of the best of the year – find our review here. The game is only available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series (and Nintendo Switch in a Cloud version): PS4 and Xbox are not on the agenda, so be warned.

A Plague Tale Requiem gets its good grades back, so there's a lot to rubA Plague Tale Requiem is back on its good notes, so you can rub your hands

Buy A Plague Tale Requiem for 40.49 on PS5 or Xbox Series

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