Gago: “Injuries made me a better person”

Fernando Gago is close to completing 50 games as Racing coach and it seems like yesterday that he hung up his boots due to injuries. The former midfielder made a career in Europe in clubs like Real Madrid and in Argentina he wore the Boca shirt. But his stage as a player was always accompanied by long periods of injury, which forced him to leave the pitch to lead from the sidelines.

The Argentine coach went out to the media yesterday as he usually does every day, although with a peculiarity in being for almost two hours answering the questions that the journalists were throwing at him. He went from a conference to an interview with the 12 professionals who were present. With 11 days to go, Racing has a difficult time fighting for the championship and Gago replied that “The message I want to leave is that this team for the remaining 11 finals will want to be champions. I’m not afraid. I am convinced of what I do. If I put the signature? No, because I can’t do it. It’s a wish.”

“I want a team that wins, but if I say I want to be champion and I don’t get it, what will they say? I won 17 titles, a lot, but I lost more than I gained. Much more. I did not win three Copa América finals and one World Cup. Only one wins”, commented the Argentine coach about the comments he receives from fans about the concept of competing. Gago recognized that Racing “didn’t play well against San Lorenzo where sometimes it’s time to lose”. It is not usual to hear these types of statements by technicians.

Gago recalled his arrival at Real Madrid when comparing it with the concentrations of the Racing squad. “I hated to concentrate as a player, I only did it twice a week. Do you know how I changed when I traveled to Europe and I couldn’t concentrate? I was at home, you know how calm and how many things I learned. Then they are surprised by how a soccer player changes. I arrived at Real Madrid and after six months I was champion. And I wanted to go. And that I had gone with my whole family.

He also sent a stick to the press for believing that in January they would be champions with the historic streak of 10 straight wins. Instead, now the goal is to get ahead in the remaining 11 days in order to finish the campaign well. Racing is eighth but has the lead by seven points, commanded by Atlético Tucumán. “The players are convinced that they are going to win. hopefully we can get itGago assured.

The technician explained before leaving the press room the situation of Tomás Chancalay by assuring that he came to speak with him before his departure to Al-Wasl for a year. The player has left because he was not going to have just minutes since there were many players in his position. Gago wanted to count on him but understood that the player left to continue growing.

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