Gabriel Vargas | The most reflective side of a scorer: “I have had three years to forget; I can’t retire like this.”

Gabriel Vargas (38) answers AS’s call and quickly shows his more thoughtful side. The attacker of Deportes Concepción is calm, since his club managed to stay in the Second Division, but clarifies that there is nothing to celebrate. Moreover, the scorer states that there are many things to improve in the institution. “Each one has to do self-criticism,” launches the captain of the lilac squad.

– How do you feel after Deportes Concepción ensured its permanence in the Second Division?

– Good. The year has not been good, we have had ups and downs. We started off on the right foot in the championship and it was something to get excited about. We started fighting in the first places, but at the end the reality was different. We secured a victory that we all expected and it was a general relief for the team, for the fans, who I feel do not deserve to go through this. Obviously we were on the right track, many factors also played a role, but the numbers don’t lie. I am calm about the fact that Deportes Concepción remains in the division, but there is nothing to celebrate.

– He could not play against Rodelindo Román, since he was suspended. Did he suffer a lot from the outside?

– I have always said that I am a fan of Deportes Concepción, that since I was 10 years old when they took me to the stadium for the first time, and the fan suffers twice as much. When you’re on the court he concentrates on what he has to do, but when he’s not, you’re more aware of everything, so the nervousness spreads. And not only when watching the game, but also the fans and what surrounds football.

– Lately, Concepción has suffered a lot in the division. What has been done wrong?

– Rather than say what has been done wrong, there are many things to improve in every way. From the managerial part to the football and technical part.

“I am calm because Deportes Concepción remained in the division, but there is nothing to celebrate. There is a lot to improve.”

Gabriel Vargas


Vargas, in the middle of a Deportes Concepción match (Credit: @ Deportesconcepcionsadp).

– What do you mean specifically?

– I’ll leave it to myself. I’m not going to tell you the details, but if we’re in this position, if we’ve been suffering for three years, it’s for a reason, so we have to improve. Each one has to do self-criticism and get experience from all the bad things that have happened these years so that Deportes Concepción can resume the triumphs. I don’t know if in the short or long term, but that there is a project where positive results are seen.

– What’s next for you?

– I ended up quite complicated emotionally, more than physically, because thank God I have not suffered any serious injury. I think I’ve played almost every game, and if I’ve missed one, it’s been due to suspension… But if you ask me today, my future is uncertain. If I withdraw, I will do so with a thorn in my side, because we did not finish well. Personally, I also feel that my career has gone from less to more and I don’t want to finish low. May God give me the opportunity (to continue), and if it doesn’t, I gave my 1000 percent, my soul and my commitment.

– Is retirement an option? Are you pondering it?

– The feeling I had after the game (with Rodelindo Román) is that I can’t retire like this. I can’t leave football with all those fans celebrating the victory for not relegating. I would love to retire and for all that fandom to celebrate a victory for promotion, because I am from the Conce, I have been purple since I was a child. But it’s not up to me. Personally, I don’t want to move from the Eighth Region, I feel good physically. But I repeat: I do not deserve to retire celebrating a permanence.

“I don’t deserve to retire celebrating a tenure. I would love to do it with the fans celebrating a promotion”.

Gabriel Vargas

– What is your contractual situation with Deportes Concepción?

– I’m done now.

– And have they approached to talk with you to extend the bond?

– More than talking, they have asked me what I want to do. But it doesn’t depend on me either, because apart from that new people arrive: leaders, coach…

– A while ago you said that you have suffered emotionally…

– In general, during the year I don’t suffer injuries, because there is also care outside and that is super extreme for me. In fact, when you are this age (38), you already have to take care of yourself twice as much, you have to do many preventive things. In food, in rest, and in that I do not compromise. And emotionally, you suffer when your expectations are high and you see the year end and it’s the same. And obviously that is transmitted to the muscular part.

– In that way?

– When we played with Lautaro de Buin, I spent the whole week with my back and my buttocks grabbed. And I don’t take it as overload, but emotional. He gave me the bill and that’s because sometimes you have a lot of responsibilities.

“I want to go through the wide door.”

Gabriel Vargas
Vargas celebrates a goal for Deportes Concepción (Credit: @ Deportesconcepcionsadp).


Vargas celebrates a goal for Deportes Concepción (Credit: @ Deportesconcepcionsadp).

– Are you satisfied with your career or do you feel that something is missing? He has a record of 206 goals in Chilean soccer…

– (Thinks) I’ve always said that I’m a fan of Deportes Concepción, and now I’ve had three years to forget. When I came back, I did it with a thorn in my side, because when I left, it wasn’t that they kicked me out, but it was through the back door. Now I want to go through the wide door…

– And how do you think that door is now?

– I feel like it’s pretty tight. I don’t want to leave with that feeling.