Gabriel Suazo with an open heart with a dark moment of Colo Colo

colo colo is enjoying what will be his last two games of the year. The white team will return to training during these days with their minds set on the duel they will have with him Real Betis in the Ester Roa Stadium in Concepcionwhere a full house is expected for a historic duel that the Cacique will have.

Gabriel Suazo spoke with El Deportivo de La Tercera in which the defender and captain recalled the dark moment he experienced with the fight for relegation, where he was filled with negative comments in due course and which his relatives made known with the problems experienced in that moment, where the captain managed to turn the hand of fate.

Sometimes, people don’t realize what they can provoke with their words. One arms himself with a shell and knows that he is on everyone’s lips and that this is so. That is why I kept fighting, with silent work, trying to do my best, but the one that suffers the most is the family. Your parents, your wife, your siblings. That happened to me. It cost me a lot and that’s why my mother had all that saved and wanted to express it”.

But that was not the only thing he said about it, because he also explained that “No not at all. Even every time I went out to speak at a conference I said that I was proud to be in Colo Colo, wearing this jersey and trying to lift the team. Despite the bad results, the bad football moment. And that they can criticize me, continue to do so, tomorrow or whenever, but I will always leave everything for this institution, for the National Team or the team that touches me.

He is proud of the present that Colo Colo lives.

Within this same possibility, the Cacique’s left back showed his pride in being part of a team that managed to get out of those bad times and achieve the goals that were proposed for this season.

It is a pride, something that makes me very happy. Not only because of what we have achieved, because of the goals, but because you can really see the type of person I am, that I have always been, that I try to show it on and off the pitch. That I carry my values, the ones my parents taught me, despite anything, and I try to show them. And I try to do my best as a captain, but I’ve always said I’m not the only one.. Although I am the one who wears the jineta, here there are many players behind me, who help me and are as or more important than me in that work.

In this same line, the captain did not foresee having these special moments with the alba shirt. “Really, I don’t know if I foresaw it, but I did prepare myself in case such a special moment came.. Psychologically and soccer-wise, to be up to the task if I had to be the captain, to be at the top of the squad. That is why it is so important for me to be able to talk with each of my colleagues, to have each one’s word. That’s why a nice group is formed. Because we all feel like an important part of the team”.

Your future in Colo Colo.

Finally, it is not yet defined what will happen to his future in colo colo in this regard, where the darts point to the fact that they begin to live their last games with the Cacique shirt, waiting to continue fulfilling their soccer dreams.

I have my dreams, my goals to fulfill. I have always had them. This will always be my home. I have soccer aspirations to go to an even more competitive soccer, to be able to continue growing as a player, as a person. Go contributing to the National Team if I have to be. That is one of my goals. If you play happy. And if I have to stay in the club, too. This is my home. I’ve been here since I was eight years old, since 2006”.