Gabriel Norambuena | He was the hero of La Roja, he scored a double for Brazil and he is going for more: “I needed it; I do not want to stop”

The Thursday evening, Gabriel Norambuena He lived one of those days that any striker dreams of. The young 19-year-old striker, belonging to Unión Española, scored a double in the friendly duel that pitted the Red Sub 20 team against his counterpart from Brazil. “I’m very happy. Happy for the group and what is being put together. Inside we are very close, we are like a family. We are preparing ourselves in the best way to reach the South American”, he told As after the match.

The attacker does not hide his emotion when talking about the goals with which he beat goalkeeper Kaique and confesses: “It was very important. I feel like I needed it to keep going. I am happy, I want to continue like this and not stop ”.

– What do you think was the key to beating Brazil so clearly?

– We watched many videos of them during the week. We went out looking for it, to press up. It served us well and that was reflected on the pitch.

– Next Sunday is the rematch at El Teniente. How do you analyze it in advance?

It’s going to be a completely different match than this one, because they already know us. Those who are, to put it and win no more, that everything helps us to reach the South American in the best possible way.

– I imagine that in Union they are very happy for their performance today…

– I think. In Union I am very well. I have been there for many years, I was practically born there (laughs). I arrived at the age of three and the club is everything to me. I also want to do it in the best way there.