Fun is guaranteed: Like a Dragon Ishin! shows off its various mini-games in a new trailer – Like a Dragon: Ishin!

The Yakuza franchise has become quite popular in the West, and from now on it seems that each game in this saga promises intense emotions. So much SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have chosen to develop this title. Like a Dragon: Ishin! It’s just around the corner and the next one will be out February 21, 2023. After this brief trailer we can say that the variety is more than guaranteed.

SEGA has posted a trailer on his official YouTube channel where the minigames that will be available in Like a Dragon: Ishin! In more than a minute we have seen more than 10 minigames, an aspect that guarantees variety and fun in this regard. Surely there are more minigames in the game that we have not seen, but that is something that will be verified within 1 month.

Going deeper into the trailer, we have seen some of the most interesting mini-games related to dances, chicken races or the mythical game of rock paper or scissors. We will also have our moments to relax while We fish or leave our voices in a Karaoke. There will also be some card games with which we can entertain ourselves and we will also have the possibility of filling our character with sake or udon.

Subscription services have helped popularize the Yakuza saga

The producer of the saga pointed out that subscription services have helped popularize the saga. They even alluded to the fact that Like A Dragon: Ishin Launches in the West it is thanks to Ghost of Tsushima success. Even so, there several more games of this franchise whose fans are waiting for more news. There is expectation to know more about Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Y Yakuza 8