Fuel, food… How much have you lost in 2022 due to inflation?

Baptist Morin

INSEE reveals the amount lost by the French because of the price increase, estimated at 6.2%. But despite the aid put in place by the State, the French have lost an average of 720 euros this year. An amount that increases depending on where you live, and which weighs all the more on the most modest households.

The figure of 6.2% is often quoted. This is the average price increase, all categories combined. But what does it actually represent? How much have you lost in 2022 compared to the previous year? A study by INSEE reveals the amount of disposable income, in other words purchasing power, lost by the French due to inflation.

A divide between town and country

720 euros. This amount takes into account everything that the State has put in place to alleviate the impact of inflation on households: the tariff shield on gas and electricity, the discount at the pump or the exceptional bonus of the energy check. Without the tariff shield and the discount at the pump, the French would have lost an additional €270 on average.

720 euros is an average. Quite logically, inflation weighs more on the most modest, if we look at the share of disposable income. And then, there is a very interesting geographical divide: the French who live in the countryside have lost 190 euros more because they use their car more, so they obviously pay more for fuel. Also, their houses are less well insulated than apartments in town. In the countryside, households lost €910 on average, while in Paris the loss was limited to €580. This is not going to settle the opposition between Paris and the rest of the country.