fruit and vegetable prices have increased by 11% over one year

Charlotte Barriquand

Due to multiple factors, such as drought and water restrictions, the price of fruits and vegetables has increased by 11% according to the latest figures from Rural Families and is likely to increase further in the coming weeks. But at this market gardener based in Seine-et-Marne, we do everything we can to ensure that this does not affect the customer.

Maurice Poincy owns 17 hectares of crops, including tomatoes, carrots, lettuces and rutabagas. With the rise in energy prices, the bill is quickly steep: +25% this year for the market gardener who has nevertheless decided to cut back on these margins, to the delight of two customers interviewed by Europe 1: “It’s falling very well, especially when you know that it will not lower the quality either”, explains Sandrine. “We hope that they will manage to maintain their prices when everything increases and it is true that it is very difficult for households”, adds Florence.

Turnover down 33% over one year

But Fabrice, the farm manager, is still apprehensive about the start of the school year. Despite the faithful, some customers come less and less and the consequences are direct. “Each year, roughly, we invest the equivalent of 25% of turnover to always stay at the forefront. To always go in our agroecological system, we always need equipment or installations such as greenhouses and therefore this year , it will be impossible”, he explains at the microphone of Europe 1.

With a turnover down 33% over one year, Fabrice relies above all on the loyalty of its customers to get by.

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