“From there a conflict would have started …”: they declassify alleged “love triangle” involving Tonka Tomicic and Carola de Moras

In Star Zone they referred to the statements made by Tonka Tomicic during her time on the program Grill Partnerswhere he talked about different topics about his personal and work life.

In the conversation, Tonka revealed an anecdote with a well-known cheerleader -whom she did not name- at an event. According to the presenter, this recognized figure would have made an ugly snub by not greeting her.

It was then that the entertainment program, Daniela Aránguiz raised her voice and speculated that this famous would be Carola de Moras.

“A love triangle…”

There he told another chip about the supposed bad vibes between Tonka and Carola, which would have happened in his time of Good morning to all, as stated look what he did.

“In the time that I was in ForegroundThere was talk of a love triangle. From there a conflict would have started. They say that the boyfriend was unfaithful to Tonka Tomicic with this model, “said the new panelist.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that “I don’t remember if we said it on the air or not… It could be, what I think it could be, it would be Carola de Moras.” What surprised her colleagues on the panel.

Therefore, according to the speculations that were made in the program, Tonka and Carola would have had a conflict for reasons of love since they would have cheated on the former host of Welcome with the model.

However, this would be a rumor for now. When Tonka told the anecdote on the Channel 13 program, he did not want to reveal the name of the other cheerleader.