From ridicule to grief: the sad picture after the death of a confectioner criticized for a failed Mickey Mouse cake

This Monday the death of Marjorie Cantillo Romero, the baker who went viral on social media for a Mickey Mouse cake.

Last April, the TikTok account of RealFary He shared a video with a kind of “funa” motivated by the order of a cake that was far from meeting the customer’s expectations.

Although the situation generated ridicule, memes and jokes on social networks, Marjorie’s story hid a dark side.

Yesterday, the woman died in Barranquilla, Colombia, due to health complications, as confirmed by her family.

According to The nationthe entrepreneur was preparing for an operation in a clinic in the city, but her personal situation worsened.

“Relatives of the woman assured that her health began to deteriorate a year ago, when two clients came to claim her home for the results of a cake and attacked her house with stones, in the Las Dunas neighborhood,” said the aforementioned media.

“My mom fell down some stairs on that occasion. After being teased, she suffered from stress and depression. She was hospitalized for 20 days and died yesterday (Sunday), “said one of her daughters.

“It was what offended me the most”

It should be remembered that, once his Mickey Mouse cake went viral, Cantillo Romero explained that “I don’t make orders like that, I take them days in advance. So I made the pudding and I had to leave at that time, but I had already left everything. My daughter, who is not a pastry chef, in her innocence helped me when she saw that she was taking me long and when I arrived she had already covered the pudding”.

In addition, he lamented the viral “funa” against him: “That was what offended me, it was demeaning and everyone commented without knowing what really happened.”

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