From Pellegrini’s ‘gift’ to replacing Gallardo in River Plate

A few days ago, Argentine football was shaken by the announcement of Marcelo Gallardo. The winningest coach in the history of River Plate (14 titles in total) reported that he is leaving the club and immediately began the search for his replacement.

Several names emerged, but with the passing of the days one was gaining prominence. Today he is the main candidate to command the team of the Chilean national team Paulo Díaz with a view to the next season.

This is Matín Demichelis, a former River Plate central defender, of the Argentine national team and with steps also by Bayern Munich, Malaga and Manchester City. Currently, the trans-Andean DT is in command of the subsidiary team of Bayern Munich, which competes in the German third division.


Demichelis in his current role at Bayern Munich.

What is striking in all this is that Demichelis has publicly declared that his great reference in technical direction is Manuel Pellegrini. The former defender was directed by the Chilean first in River Plate and years later he signed him in Malaga and Manchester City, evidencing his football appreciation for the then center-back.

Paradigm Pellegrini

At the beginning of his stage at Betis, Demichelis sounded like a possible assistant to the national DT at Betis. However, in the end he chose to continue at Bayern Munich.

“Pellegrini is the most important coach I have had in my career, a prototype coach that I have always adored. I esteem him, I have respect and admiration for him, ”Demichelis said a few years ago, when he began his new life as a coach after leaving football.

Demichelis in his time as a player with Pellegrini.


Demichelis in his time as a player with Pellegrini.

“It is an example of what I want to be. Although I believe that I will be authentic, many of the things and concepts that I can apply are those that I learned from him”, added the trans-Andean coach in an interview in Diario Olé de Argentina.

confessed desire

Previously, Demichelis had not hidden his intention to return as DT to River Plate at some point. This undoubtedly increases the chances of becoming Gallardo’s replacement.

“One day I dream of training River and also the clubs I played for (…) It is the dream of anyone in this profession and if you do not dream of that, you have to dedicate yourself to something else, ” said the former defender, who under Pellegrini’s leadership won the local Argentine tournament in the millionaire squad and the Premier League with City.