From a grab of your favorite Spice Girls to dancing samba: the funniest moments of King Carlos III

The recent viral anger of Carlos III and the kiss that a woman stole from him after his first speech as king, they are just a sample of the most crazy and relaxed side of the current monarch of England.

Apparently, behind this unfounded negative image by the press mainly due to its stormy love triangle with Diana De Gales and Camilla Parkeris a man with enough humor.

These are just some of the occasions when Carlos went out of the protocol and enjoyed himself like any other human being.

Geri Halliwell’s grab and kiss

This happened in 1997, when the then red-haired Spice Girls grabbed Carlos in the butt during an act of the foundation “The Price’s Trust”. When Geri left the band a year later, the Prince of Wales wrote her a letter regretting her decision: “The group will not be the same without you. What will I do without your wonderful greetings?

A smack in the face and its multiple “cosplay”

The current king has been laughably smacked in the face, dressed in a Viking helmet during a visit to Scotland with Princess Diana, and there are also photos of him wearing an Indian feather crown.

King Charles III

To the rhythm of the mariachis

In 2015, he visited the then president of the United States, Barak Obama, and between the tours they made, he was received with mariachis at a school for immigrants, where Carlos III took his prohibited steps.

The samba of Wales

Carlos made his first official visit to Brazil in 1978 and it was alone, since he had not yet married Lady Di. Several images and videos of the current king dancing samba were released from that trip, clearly in his own way.

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