Fran’s unexpected on-screen message Conserva al Pollo Valdivia: launched a particular claim

A particular situation occurred in the recent broadcast of Milf, where Fran Conserva surprised after launching a claim against her brother-in-law, Juan Carlos Valdivia.

Without prior notice, the panelist of the TV + program sent a message to the husband of her sister Claudia Conserva. This, after bringing to light a curious anecdote of her family gatherings.

“I want to peel my family,” Conserva said at the start before explaining the reason for his anger.

“I don’t understand why Juan Carlos ‘Pollo’ Valdivia… Yes, I’m talking to you… Put yourself on, the roast is at 2, and I don’t know why chu… light the fire at 11”, he let off steam on screen the Fran.

Immediately afterwards, Aranzazú Yankovic went further and asked for more details on the matter.

Fran’s claim

“We have all asked him and he says that is how it is done. Then the guests haven’t arrived yet and the meat is ready. He puts it on before they arrive! ”, She insisted to the surprise of the rest of the panelists.

That yes, Conserva clarified that beyond his particular method, the roast is like finger licking.

Then, Yankovic intervened again, who lent Chicken clothes and revealed, perhaps, that he did it so that they did not have to wait to eat when they arrived.

“It could be, Claudia is good at eating and she always likes to be there pecking… I, little”, closed Fran.