Francisca Mardones married in a wedding made official by “The Judge”

The Paralympic shot put champion has been married to her technical assistant since 2020, with whom she will soon have a daughter.

Last Saturday the recognized Chilean paralympic athlete,Francisca Mardones, married Fernanda Pantoja in an emotional wedding made official by “The judge“.

Shot put champion Tokyo 2020 and his technical assistant have been in a relationship since 2020. After two years together, they got engaged in March of this year. In August they announced that they are expecting a daughter.

It was this October 1 that Mardones and Pantoja got married in the Maule, in a ceremony made official by Carmen Gloria Arroyofriend of the couple.

“La Jueza” and the world champion became friends after their participation in the “Divine Food” program, in 2021, where they also shared a table with Rodrigo Bastidas Y Etienne Bobenrieth.

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In an interview with LUN, the newlywed commented that “it was an intimate ceremony with the closest family and some friends, but with a lot of emotion. We put a lot of love into this celebration. It is a very special day for us and we are looking for a way to make the night pleasant for everyoneyes”,

For his part, Arroyo said that “when Francisca told us that she was getting married. Obviously we were happy and offered to collaborate. Fernanda told us that she had dreamed that I married them and my reaction was immediate: let’s do it. Fortunately, the officer Civil registration He was very friendly and we were able to interact without problems.”

“It is the culmination of a beautiful story. When I saw them go from the room to the room and everyone turned to applaud them, I couldn’t contain myself and I cried with emotionthinking that it is incredible that even to love some they must be brave, “added the lawyer.

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