France moves settles in Saint-Philibert for a special program Thursday, March 23

France moves continues, Thursday, March 23, its grand tour of France, started two years ago in partnership with the CCI, in the Grand Est region. Élisabeth Assayag will discuss with local actors issues related to the supply of raw food materials and recruitment in Morbihan. She will be surrounded by Loic BardinManaging Director of CCI Morbihan.

Boss of the day, Yann Small, president of the group “La Trinitaine”, will be the special guest of the show. He will answer Elisabeth Assayag’s questions and will be joined by the general manager of “Groix et Nature”, Marianne Guyader. The nugget of the day will be devoted to the company “Job-Staging”, the digital recruitment startup for Breton tech; its founder Herve Basset will return, at the microphone of Europe 1, to the challenges of recruitment in Brittany.

Every day, Europe 1 gives voice to citizens, companies and communities who are committed and inventing the world of tomorrow through innovative and positive ideas. Values ​​that France moves, carried by Élisabeth Assayag, shares with the Chamber of commerce and industry present everywhere on the territory. Traders, manufacturers, service providers… the network of 125 CCIs is “the trusted local network” of nearly 3 million companies. Its objective: to boost the local economy.

About France moves: Fifth season for France moves on Europe 1! Businesses, associations, local authorities… Élisabeth Assayag honors those who work actively for the renewal of economic society every day. The emphasis this year is on entrepreneurship and the sharing of experience, whether that of a big boss or a big boss, that of a leader on the road to success or even that of of a future business leader. They each talk about their experience at the microphone of Europe 1 and share their tips and advice with those who have just started.

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