France moves moves to the Salon des Maires Thursday, November 24

European 1

Elisabeth Assayag offers, this Thursday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., a special broadcast live from the Porte de Versailles at the Salon des Mayors et des Collectivités Locales.

France moves is embarking on a new tour of France this year, to meet the actors of the local economy. Elisabeth Assayag will address the issue of support for companies in the territories.

Alain Di CrescenzoPresident of CCI France and Simon Laisneyfounder of “Urban Plateau”, the transitional urban planning cooperative since 2013 will share their experiences with listeners from Europe 1 and answer questions from Elisabeth Assayag. France moves will honor “The nugget of the day”: “Hocoia”, a mobile medicine practice that fights against medical deserts with its co-founder and president, Benoit Bourre. Elisabeth Assayag will dedicate the “Saga of the day” to the association of the Small Towns of France, with Christophe Bouillonits president.

About France moves: Fourth season for France moves on Europe 1! Businesses, associations, local authorities… Every day, Elisabeth Assayag honors those who work actively for the renewal of economic society. The emphasis this year is on entrepreneurship and the sharing of experience, whether that of a big boss or a big boss, that of a leader on the road to success or even that of of a future business leader. They each talk about their experience at the microphone of Europe 1 and share their tips and advice with those who have just started.

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