Fortnite: How to get the SypherPK skin for free

SypherPK will be the next member of the Idol Series and you can get his skin before it arrives in the store.

SypherPK will be the next to join the idol seriess of Fortnite and will bring your new dark aura. enter the island PIT by SypherPK starting from the release of Chapter 3 – Season 4 and complete missions to get a special spray and loading screen. Then, starting Thursday, September 22, head over to the Item Shop to discover a host of SypherPK items, including his supernatural skin and accessories.

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Do you want to transform into oni sooner? On Wednesday, September 21, compete in the SypherPK Idol Cup for a chance to get the SypherPK skin before it’s available in the item shop as well as the Mask emote.

The SypherPK Idol Cup will be a Duo Zero Build tournament. If they get at least eight points, they will be able to unlock the Mask emoticon. Players will be able to compete in up to 10 matches within the approximately three hour window for their region. Additionally, you can find the specific event date for each region in the Compete tab of the game.

Also, they can use the trap tower to get eliminations that will be tracked in the alternate leaderboard. Players at the top of the alternate leaderboard in their region will also unlock the SypherPK outfit and Curse of the Oni back pack earlier.


Starting with the release of Chapter 3 – Season 4, the island created by SypherPK’s Oni Studios will be available for you to visit. The island includes an oasis hub and a free-for-all PvP area. From September 18 to October 2, you will be able to complete the Idol Series quests on this island to get PE, the spray SYPHER IS HERE Y The Rise of the Oni Loading Screen.

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