Former Swiss defender Nicolas Schindelholz dies at 34

Former Swiss soccer player Nicolas Schindelholz has died at the age of just 34 from lung cancer.. Basel, the club where he grew up, announced the sad news this morning on social media: “FC Basel mourns the death of Nicolas Schindelholz. Our former U-21 captain succumbed to cancer at the age of 34. The entire club is shocked by this news and sends its deepest condolences to the family. Rest in peace Nick.”

The publication of the Swiss team has come just a few hours after they won in extra time in his cup match against FC Aarau, curiously the last team in Schindelholz’s career. They also wanted to leave a message on the networks, although they also did so after the meeting to prevent this blow from affecting those who until recently were their teammates: “Our former central defender has died of cancer at just 34 years old. FC Aarau sends its deepest condolences to the families and wishes them a lot of strength in these difficult times”.

Schindelholz still had a contract with FC Aarau when he was diagnosed with a lung tumor in 2020, but after two years fighting the disease and undergoing different treatments, the fatal outcome has occurred. “Nico was a good footballer, but above all he was a great human being”, they expressed from the Aarau.

Born in February 1988 into a family with a great love for football, defended the colors in his adolescence of SC Dornach before signing for Baselwith whom he grew up in the under-18 team and later with the under-21, with which he was also captain. His good work on the green caught the attention of former Swiss international Murat Yakinwhich when taking charge of FC Thun in 2009 took Nico. Later he would play for FC Luzern and later for FC Aarauwith which he announced his retirement last year a few months after finding out about the illness he was suffering from.

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