Former leader of the Spanish Union sends a clear warning to Colo-Colo before the signing of Carlos Palacios

The 22-year-old attacker arrives at Cacique after a lackluster and criticized stint in Brazilian soccer, where he failed to establish himself.

Colo-Colo is preparing fully at the start of the 2023 season. With the aim of doing the best possible role in each of the competitions that it disputes this year, the albos continue to strengthen facing the new campaign and for now they already presented to Fernando de Paul, Ramiro González, Matías Moya and Erick Wiemberg like the brand new additions.

However, there is another player who, despite not being made official yet, would already have everything agreed to join the Colocolino squad. Is about Carlos Palacioswho has been in Chile for a few days after his departure from Vasco da Gama from Brazil and he would be close to being presented as a new attacker for Colo-Colo.

The arrival of the pointer to the Popular has generated a lot of expectation among the white fans, who are excited about a rebirth of the 22-year-old Chilean strikerwho will seek to enhance his career after a lackluster passage through Brazilian football. Of course, there are those who take the arrival of the “Jewel” to Macul with caution.

This is the case of Luis Baquedanoformer leader of Spanish Union (club where Palacios came from) and who in conversation with redgol He referred to the footballer’s arrival at the Monumental Stadium. Along these lines, the manager took advantage of the instance and He warned Colo-Colo of the disposition they should have with the attacker.

With Carlos they are going to have to be very patient, because regardless of his talent, which is indisputable, Palacios comes here for a super important challenge, and here he has to prove himself. He did not have a good international experience and he did not do well at Vasco da Gama, so they are very different situations”, Baquedano began by saying.

To give confidence to Carlos Palacios

After this, the former Hispanic leader pointed out that “something important is that Palacios is not a center forwardand another more important thing, in Unión Española practically everything worked based on him, and in the stage that he was consolidating as an important figure, Unión played almost everything where Carlos worked ”.

In addition, he complemented the idea by ensuring that “in Colo-Colo it will not have that prominence, in Colo-Colo they have a different way. Another thing is that they play Colo-Colo without spaces, and Carlos against very crowded defenses when they played him in Unión was complicated, because there are some who are specialists for that and others who are not.

Finally, Baquedano asserted that the signing of Palacios “it’s absolutely a gamble. Carlos has a lot to deliver and prove, because he hasn’t shown it yet. His visit to Brazil was complex, because not all Chileans pass through there. I believe that Colo-Colo can help him a lot in his professional career if it goes well for him.Hopefully the time in Brazil has made him mature and he realizes that he has a tremendous opportunity”.