Former Colo-Colo player acknowledged making the biggest mistake of his career after leaving the Monumental Stadium

The former soccer player from the white box left the club after only spending a semester, due to a promise that positioned him in a French club.

To play in Colo-Colo It is the dream of many children and young people who seek to become professional soccer players. One who did it was Jean-Paul Pinedawho was a player of Cacique for a semester in 2012, without demonstrating a high level.

in conversation with on court, the 33 year old footballer referred to his ephemeral passage through Colo-Colo and how poorly advised he was, causing his rapid departure from the club with the aim of reaching Europe.

Pineda’s laments

In the first instance, the left winger did not hide his sadness after leaving early monumental stadium.

I was young, I was still 22 years old, I had played in the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, I had debuted for La Roja as an adult, I had several goals in my career… The truth is that I made the biggest mistake of my career when I terminated my contract with the club faster than usual“.

I went to the notary’s office and canceled without thinking, without knowing what I was doing. I was doing things well, but my intention was to jump quickly to Europe. That worked against me. The first year I played all the games and was the top scorer for Colo-Colo in the Copa Chile. I scored 6 goals in 5 games and in the National Championship I played very littlehe expressed.

In this sense, Jean Paul Pineda stated that he was influenced by a group of businessmen who wanted to take him to Europe. At that same time, some Argentines arrived telling me that they were going to take me to Montpellier in France, but since I did not have much knowledge, nor did I get good advice because I was a boy, from one day to the next I asked to leave the institution. tremendous mistake I made“.

However, he confesses that he is happy to have fulfilled his dream of playing with the Eternal Champion’s shirt: “At least I fulfilled my dream of playing there, because since I was a child they instilled in me being a Colo-Colo, and I managed to get there. I would have done more important things if I had not been badly advised“, he sentenced.

It should be noted that the former player of Spanish Union on his way through San Felipe during this season, he scored eight goals in 14 games for the first b.