“For me things were left…”: Nataly Chilet raises her voice after rumors about her departure from Follow me and I follow you

The blows continue after the abrupt departure of Nataly Chilet from Follow me and I follow you, where from one day to the next she stopped appearing on the screen.

And according to the rumors in the corridor that arose, everything was due, in part, to the bad vibes and continuous friction that he had with Mauricio Israel on the screen and off it.

However, it is also speculated about some crosses with other of his companions. For example, Cecilia Gutiérrez revealed in the middle of last week that some members of the panel were “relieved” with her departure.

For the same reason, outside it was Nataly herself who raised her voice and revealed details of her departure. “I have caught something of what is being said”, she launched into conversation with The time.

In addition, he assured that “things turned out well for me, I spent two months where I was on a panel where I did things I knew, the same thing I did for 4 years in Intruders, which is to do entertainment journalism and shows.”

“Now, I am happy that the channel has given me its support, and we are going to do a show reporting program”, she added about the new space that she will host on TV+.

Farewell with his companions

Finally, he reiterated that the internal farewell with his colleagues was on good terms.

“As I told my colleagues that I sent them a message (Follow me and I follow you), I wish them well and many of them sent me a message wishing me the best, so nothing, darlings,” he concluded.

“I am happy, excited, and I feel that I am starting this 2023 with something that was not in my plans, not at all, and I am happy that the channel is trusting me. I didn’t even know that I was leaving tomorrow,” the journalist closed.